This Winter Haven apartment building sustained severe damage when a grease fire quickly got out of control. 

A first floor tenant was alarmed when the grease fire ran up the walls; proceeding to ignite both the first and second stories of the four-unit building.

Apartment Burnout - Water Fire Restoration

Living room after fire & water damage

Apartment Fire Damage Stripped Out

Stairwell and living room after fire


The interior flooring and walls as well as the exterior structure sustained extensive damage from the fire- necessitating a total renovation.

Green functioned as a liaison for the landlord with the insurance company; ensuring the paperwork, permitting, and administration of the project was conducted with efficiency.

Project Details

  • Water loss mitigation services

  • Demolished the interior and set about restoring the building systems so that new interior walls could be erected.

  • New drywall and flooring were installed in all four units.

  • Green proposed and executed a new layout for the apartments that was completed during the restoration process


Kitchen before

kitchen remodel

Kitchen after


Staircase before


Staircase after

bathroom after fire - fire water restoartion

Bathroom before

bathroom remodeled - fire water restoration

Bathroom after


Balcony before

Balcony after

Green Construction did an outstanding job putting these units back together. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a company that performs without having to be monitored every minute, not to mention the high quality product provided. Personally, I wouldn’t use any one else for these jobs because they make the process easy...
— Property Management Company
Remodeled Living Room

Restored Living Room

Restored Exterior


The job was finished on time in 120 days - allowing tenants to return to occupancy as soon as possible.


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