The Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma left a path of devastation through the center of the Miller’s home. A large oak tree fell on the roof, cracking the trusses and penetrating the ceiling. Water permeated through the hole in the roof, damaging the wood floors and interior walls. Debris flung across the exterior of the home which damaged the wood siding and flashing. 


Roof Storm Damage Before

Roof Storm Damage Before

Roof Storm Damage After

Even with extensive property damage, Green Construction Services completed a total restoration of the Miller’s home in four months.


Restoration began with GCS guiding the Miller’s through the insurance process to ensure proper documentation and paperwork were filed with the insurance company. The Miller’s were grateful to have an experienced contractor who has handled thousands of hurricane-related claims. As the Millers would discover, experience is critical in the middle of devastation. 


Family Room Before

Family Room After


Kitchen/Dining Room Before

Kitchen/Dining Room After

Living Room
These guys are fantastic. There’s no question about trust with Green. If they say they are going to do something they do it.
— Capt Bill Miller
Satisfied Homeowner

Scope of work included a total roof replacement, skylight installation, salvaging the floors, drywall replacement, and electrical replacement. Green also handled the process of salvaging the content of the home, as well as full exterior and partial interior repainting.

The transformation of the Miller’s home in four months restored order to the chaos of Irma’s devastation, all with attention to beautiful aesthetics and quality craftsmanship. 


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